Body warm up in the studio; filming of video material for “n.5 of 18 versions of thoughtlessness”; editing video material with audio track “Sound blog 1 _1-2” and sound from lecture “Wisdom in Daily Life – “; rehearsal of first draft of the work for Amsterdam Free Fringe Festival 2014.In the office: edit of […]

Body warm up in the studio, dance improvisation on score “wisdom in daily life” for possible use in performance “n.5 of 18 versions of thoughtlessness” alongside video “Finland”; In the office: beginning of application for GFA England, and ECF for a period in Croatia to further develop the book, involve artists and non from a […]

Body warm up in the studio; making and filming of a One Minute Dance (following Yvonne Rainer’s instruction n.1 for workshop);writing the content for LOW CONTENT (working title); making plan of the material which will constitute the book: Writings, Sound scores/installations/scape, Performances/Films, Photographs.W:introon change    the not-list    all the things this is notmission ib    interview Minnaabout […]

DOKMO.SE residency 13-29.08.14

4aTalk4bid seminars   n.1 5.12.2013   4bid proposes a talk about Artistic Freedom of the Everyday performative. “How freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently”     A note b4 I start: at the end of this “humble seminar” (as I am not here to know any more than anybody […]

  All the things this is not Irina Baldini LONDON, UK First published by Irina Baldini, 2013 Thanks to : Hayward Gallery; Southbank Centre, UK AWA gallery; OT301, NL CONTENTS PREFACE EPISODE 1 PREFACE Started as THE LITTLE BOOK OF CHANGE, this book deals with aspects of Change from various perspectives in relation to my […]

It’s like an exercise, and every so often one has to set an exercise to do daily. It is then interesting to see ho in one’s life these exercises have a tendency to be recurrent.This time it might be slightly different, but similar at essence to some other times. It involves being less, saying less, […]